About Us

White Oak Camper Rentals was founded by Sam and Hannah Coody in 2020 when the height of the COVID-19 pandemic challenged them to rethink their idea of travel.

Since 2020, their love of exploring has grown into a rapidly expanding camper rental business that caters to events, festivals, and vacations alike.

When Sam and Hannah are not at the store helping plan your next trip, they frequent Wind Creek State Park in one of their favorite campers with their Golden Retrievers: Walter and Annie, Bernese Mountain Dog: Henry, and German Shepherd: Cassie.

Their goal of visiting all sixty-three national parks keeps them busy in the winter months, and you’ll often find them hooking up a fifth wheel to head out on their next adventure. As veteran campers, they draw on their personal experiences to share all the greatest things about the outdoors with as many renters as they can reach!

Whether you plan on picking up a camper to tow yourself or desire a stress-free vacation with delivery and set up, camping experts Sam and Hannah are here to help you plan your best camping experience.

With additional services such as camper maintenance and detailing, even owners who already own a camper can experience White Oak’s five-star customer service for all their camping needs. Check out the many services offered at White Oak Camper Rentals to have your best camping experience start here.

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